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Large pair of grand tour ‘Townley vases’

SKU: WA239
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    A large and impressive pair of French neoclassical grand tour style vases loosely depicting a model of the Townley vase.


    Made of spelter with bronzed patination set on dark green marble bases.


    France - circa 1920.



    The Townley Vase is a large Roman marble vase of the 2nd century CE. It was discovered in 1773 by the Scottish antiquarian and dealer in antiquities Gavin Hamilton, whilst excavating a Roman villa.


    Its name comes from the English collector Charles Townley, who purchased it from Hamilton in 1774. Townley's collection, which was on display in his London house in Park Street, was bought for the British Museum after his death in 1805.



  • Height 37.5cm

    Width 17.5cm

    Depth 16cm


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